Cayucos Pier


The construction of the pier in Cayucos was started in 1872 by Captain James Cass. It was originally used as a shipping port by him and his business partner. Along with the pier they had built a store and a warehouse, all of which still stand today. The pier is lit for night fishing and you don’t need a fishing license when fishing from the pier!

Cayucos State Beach

Cayucos State Beach has a rich history and part of the charm of Cayucos. It is great for swimming, surfing, fishing and views! It is home to surf shops, restaurants, antique shops and more. There are showers, picnic tables, play equipment available on the beach. Plus, it’s just steps away from the Cayucos Motel.

Hearst Castle


Hearst Castle was originally built in 1947 by William Randolph Hearst. It became a historic landmark in 1954. There are daily tours and special event hosting available. The scenery and history of this majestic site are worth the ~25 mile trip through beautiful San Simeon. It features 127 acres of beautiful landscape, pools and gardens. The property is so massive, that you have to take multiple tours to see it all!


Cayucos is known locally for it’s great surfing. It’s a very popular surf spot especially in the summer time. If you don’t have a board, no worries! You can always rent and buy surf equipment from one of our local friendly surf shops! Surf’s up!


Cayucos Surf Report and Forecast